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Advisory Committee

Dr. Rebecca Raviv, Senior Lecturer in the Bible
Sharon Aizen, Leading lecturer and consultant. Expert in consequential thinking and leading change processes
Dr. David Burg, an applied mathematician, and expert in complex systems
Dr. Shai Ben Yosef, a sociologist specializing in complexity counselling
Ezra Banoun, scientist and economist, an expert in water technologies and environment in Israel and around the world
Dr. David Harari, scientist, Israel Security Award, and Israel Prize winner
Dr. Gilad Philosoph, lecturer in biology and ecology and pedagogue
Dr. Ron Schleifer, head of the Ariel Center for Defence and Communication, senior lecturer in the School of Communication at Ariel University, specializing in psychological warfare
Adv. Ronen Lefler, CEO NEWSRAEL


Israeli Registered Association# 580710002


Israel: +972-2-9971728  +972 546 555 810

From USA:  1 469 242 3581

From France: 01 70 36 76 37 or 01 77 50 33 42


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