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Advisory Committee

Dr. Rebecca Raviv, Senior Lecturer in the Bible
Sharon Aizen, Leading lecturer and consultant. Expert in consequential thinking and leading change processes
Dr. David Burg, an applied mathematician, and expert in complex systems
Dr. Shai Ben Yosef, a sociologist specializing in complexity counselling
Ezra Banoun, scientist and economist, an expert in water technologies and environment in Israel and around the world
Dr. David Harari, scientist, Israel Security Award, and Israel Prize winner
Dr. Gilad Philosoph, lecturer in biology and ecology and pedagogue
Dr. Ron Schleifer, head of the Ariel Center for Defence and Communication, senior lecturer in the School of Communication at Ariel University, specializing in psychological warfare
Adv. Ronen Lefler, CEO NEWSRAEL




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Israel Learning Center

A Pioneering Process-oriented Knowledge Digital Platform of Mass Communication

Israel Learning Center - ILC presents the face of the State of Israel, its reality and achievements, to a wide audience across the globe in forty different fields and ten languages. It is an innovative digital platform that includes a wide variety of topics relating to the State of Israel and forms an invaluable audiovisual encyclopedic source.

Each field includes a series of dozens of video clips, averaging four minutes each, with graphs and built-in information in the background. Every clip comes with an English transcript of the lecture and subtitles in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The different fields include: geography, history, archaeology, demography, sociology, woman and the family in Israel, youth, education, economics, agriculture and agronomy, water and energy, basic and applied research, progress, ecology and sustainability, military and security, civil resilience, Israel's breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine, and Israel's contribution to mankind, and more.

We aim to present the face of the State of Israel, its reality and achievements, to tens of millions of people around the world in a comprehensive, accessible and structured manner, and provide a bridge to Israel through a uniquely accessible and enriching approach. The project is purely informative and is in no way political, ideological or religious in nature.  It is based on verified and reliable information with an emphasis on processes that have begun hundreds of years ago and are continuing strongly, explaining the central position which the State of Israel holds in the world today.

Israel Learning Center - ILC adopts a uniquely sophisticated soft power approach that aims to disseminate key knowledge about Israel in all its dimensions to tens of millions of people worldwide. Our approach abides by today's highest academic and technological standards. Most of the lecturers are Israeli academics, experts, industrialists, CEOs, people from kibbutzim and moshavim, researchers, professional travel guides, and so forth.

This cutting-edge project on Israel is defined as an important, or even a “State project”, by prominent personalities and academics.

Israeli Registered Association# 580710002


Israel: +972-2-9971728  +972 546 555 810

From USA:  1 469 242 3581

From France: 01 70 36 76 37 or 01 77 50 33 42


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