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Since its creation, and even before, the State of Israel has been subject to distortion, misrepresentation, and bias in many political and media discourses as well as some leading academic institutions. As a matter of fact, tens of millions of people cannot afford to visit Israel and have no direct access to basic information about Israel. In particular, Israel’s unique contribution to mankind in a range of fundamental fields is either ignored or understated for lack of accessible and structured knowledge. Israel in your Own Eyes is designed to offer a free-access bridge between Israel and those tens of millions of people through the creation of a cross-disciplinary, comprehensive, and multilingual digital platform providing facts-based highlights on Israel’s history and focus in on its multi-faceted reality.

In other words, it is a vivid audio-visual experience which shows our fantastic country, Israel, in forty different fields! Specifically, our pioneering digital platform is to appear in ten subtitled languages, English, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, so that we can address any person across the globe aspiring to capture Israel’s dynamics.

Our main format will be mini-lecture video clips (3 to 5 minutes long) backed by user-friendly scientific documentation (maps, charts, graphs and academic references). The many topics highlighting Israel’s reality in its multiple and intriguing aspects will provide the audience with a comprehensive and easy grasp of a country that has existed for 3,800 years and fascinates people and nations around the globe. Ultimately, the goal of Israel in your Own Eyes is to leverage the power of digital platforms and target – directly, immediately and on a massive scale – an audience that has been thus far untouched by pro-Israel information campaigns. By delivering an up-to-date and video-based pool of encompassing information on Israel’s realities to the widest possible audience worldwide, and avoiding any political controversy or ideology, we aim to trigger the grassroots.

Israel Learning Center

Legal structure

Registered association (Jerusalem, Israel).

Target audience

All audiences interested in knowing the different aspects of Israel, its past, present and future. Elementary and secondary schools. Universities. Enterprises and organizations. Professional associations. Religious organizations and denominations.

Wide range of speakers

Academics, practitioners, and specialists from Israel or other countries offering their cutting-edge expertise on Israeli reality in their respective fields of practice.

The videoclips shall be subtitled or dubbed in ten languages

English, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for broadcast on the Israel Learning Center website either offline or in the future on a MOOC platform.

Main topics

Geography and Geology of Israel


Sociology, Demography and Health Systems

Population of Israel

Women in Israel

The Family in Israel

The different religious groups in Israel

Education in Israel

Integration of Immigrants

The Youth in Israel

Israel’s Economy

The Political Structure of the State of Israel

Ancient History of Israel: Biblical Times of the Patriarchs to Kingship

From Kingship to the Destruction of the Two Temples of Jerusalem

The Prophets of Israel

The Exile During 2000 Years

The Land of Israel from 135 to 1895

The Return of Israel since the beginning of the 18th Century

The Fulfillment of the Prophecies

The Return of Israel and the Modern Era

Modern Zionism

The 20th-century international decisions that led to the creation of the State of Israel

Independence of Israel

Military History and the Wars of Israel

Agriculture and Agronomy; the Kibbutz and Moshav World

Water and Energy

Research, Progress, and Contribution to Humanity

Nature, Ecology and Sustainable Development

Science and Technology in Israel; Space Research

Israel’s Breakthroughs in Military and Security Fields

Israel’s Breakthroughs in scientific, technological, and Medical Fields

Civil Resilience

Art and Creation in Israel

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